Hello everyone,

Thank you all for being so true to me and supporting me always. I really appreciate all your help during these years. Only now I came to realize that I owe everything to other people. Of course, I had to put in the work, but family, friends, relatives, colleagues, teachers, etc. are the reason for who I am today. So, I thank you all by trying to be the best version of myself and by helping others as you have helped me always these years.

To commit to the goals I put them down in writing.

  • Be the best version I can at any time.
  • Be the best father I can and the best husband.
  • Helping others and investing into charity.
  • Be the no. 1 Sales in my field of work in 2021.
  • Be a successful real estate owner of 24 apartments in 2024 and 1,000 apartments in 2037.
  • Be always healthy and active.

These are the goals directly related to giving back to all the people who helped me to become who I am today.

I love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best regards and lots of love,