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“I support you with Executive Sales Consulting, Standardized Sales Methodologies and Sales Execution by reviewing, designing and implementing the sales processes & capacities for a profitable business.”


Sales Professional & Investor

I’m a Software Sales Consultant with more than 12 years of experience as a Sales Leader and Sales Executive for multinational IT corporations.

My goal is to make your business thrive by

  • Building a successful Software Sales Organization
  • Building the Sales Processes and applying the Industry Tools & Methods
  • Enabling people and assigning roles & responsibilities
  • Forecasting accurately and hitting Targets consistently
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Neo4J Graph Data Platform
Oracle Database and Cloud Applications
esri Geographic Information System GIS
Strategic Sales Consulting for Executives

Go-To-Market Strategy (GTM)

What product are you selling and what unique problem does it solve?

Who is your ideal customer, and what pain points do they experience? 

Where will you sell your product? What markets do you want to pursue and what does the demand and competition look like in those markets?

How will you reach your target customers and create demand? 

AOP covers Annual Objectives, Goals & KPIs, Financials, Individual Compensation Plans, Hiring, Assumptions & Risks, and Next steps.

01. Gather a Diverse Team
02. Analyze previous years
03. Set Realistic Objectives
04. Find Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
05. Make Monthly Budgets
06. Plan for Failure
07. Revisit Regularly

Strategic Sales Consulting for Executives

Annual Operating Plan (AOP)

Implementing Standardized Sales Methodologies

Field Playbook incl. Sales Process & Tooling

The Field Playbook organizes the field teams. The playbook entails the Overall Field Process from Marketing to Sales including the Sales Stages, Partner enablement, Sales Operations, Professional Services, and Legal & Finance support functions.

Example of a Successful Overall Field Process

field playbook sales

Example of Sales Stages of an Opportunity

sales processing stages

Planning & Focus are there to close deals more efficiently by focusing on the right areas. On a higher level, it defines the Territory Strategy, the Target Accounts, Account Plans incl. Key Projects & Champions, and Marketing Plan for the Fiscal Year.

Example of a Marketing Activities:

  • Regional & Local Roundtables
  • Webinars
  • Campaigns
  • Summits
  • Collaborations with Partners
  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies
Implementing Standardized Sales Methodologies

Tactical Plans

tactical plan standardized sales
Implementing Standardized Sales Methodologies

Tactics & Best Practices

meddicc methodology illustration

Relate to effectiveness and therefore increasing productivity and likelihood of success. Tools are Software such as SFDC, Trello, MindMaps and other company tools, but also Helpful Websites, Factsheets for Prospecting, ROI / TCO Calculations, Account Plans, Opportunity Document Template, RFI, RFP, Order Form, Master Agreement Documents etc.

Sales Methodologies and Qualification Framework utilized: Buying Center, BANT, MEDDPICC, etc.

List of Sales Tooling:

  • SFDC or PipeDrive
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Industry Factsheets for Prospecting
  • MindMaps and Trello
  • GMass / Mail Merge

Focus on continuous improvement and team collaboration.

  • What did and did not work in the Territories?
  • What are the lessons learned to be shared with the team?
  • What are highlights and lowlights?
  • What are the upcoming Key Deals in the next 2 Quarters?
  • What should the company improve on?
  • What are the Personal progress items?
Implementing Standardized Sales Methodologies

Yearly & Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

Sales Execution

Build New Revenue Streams

  • Close srategic deals with net new logos
  • Drive YoY Revenue growth and reach Quarterly Quotas
  • Host regional marketing events resulting in new logos and upsell opportunities
  • Take responsibility for country management, target account definition & key account management, and marketing events
  • Manage high-performing sales teams of various sizes. Teams include sales and field marketing professionals
  • Experienced in various industries, e.g., financial services, insurance as well as manufacturing
  • Build partner relationships, develop partner programs
  • Skilled at scouting/qualifying new partners
Why you should work with me

Accelerating Real Growth

I worked for Esri, Oracle, Quarticle and Neo4j and can share how they operate and what makes them successful.

  • More than 12 years of sales experience consistently exceeding revenue goals in the tech industry as a Country Manager and Senior Sales Leader
  • Managed high-performing sales teams of various sizes at Oracle, Esri, Quarticle, and Neo4j. Teams included Sales, Field Engineers and Field Marketing Professionals
  • Experienced in various markets, e.g., DACH, Eastern Europe, North America, and Southest Asia
  • Experienced in various industries, e.g., financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and government owned and controlled corporations
  • Built partnerships, developed partner programs, and skilled at scouting/qualifying new prospective partners

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